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The Data Warehouse Portfolio
Don't Just Ask For A Job...Display Your Value

While a data warehousing skillset is highly sought after, getting a job can still be hard. As dozens of applications pour in, employers need to see something unique in an applicant in order for him to stand out in the crowd. This book can help. The Data Warehouse Portfolio suggests a method by which a data warehousing skillset can be marketed in the form of a web based portfolio. This type of portfolio can accompany a resume in order to better communicate your value to a potential employer.

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What Others Are Saying

"A must-read for anyone hoping to stand out in the interview process! Ciampa brings a fresh perspective to showcasing your skills and work experience. While this book has been written primarily for the data warehouse professional, its ideas can be applied to any area of software development. The unique approaches suggested in this book will definitely help provide the edge in today's highly competitive market."

"This book is a great guide for folks in the data warehousing field who wish to stand out in a crowd. The author has made the book incredibly easy to read and understand...Motivational read! Will be implementing my own portfolio shortly."

"This is an extremely helpful guide..."